The IQOS is well known for producing smoke-free and ash-free alternatives to the cigarette. The brand helps people in quitting smoking.

It is estimated that round about 2.5 million people in the world use the IQOS devices and have successfully left smoking since their switch to IQOS.

The traditional cigarettes are harmful in many ways, such as smoke from cigarettes affect the environment and non-smokers, ash also affects the environment, and it is hazardous for the smoker’s health too. If you are a chain smoker, then switch to IQOS now, which is a smoke & ash free solution to the traditional cigarettes.

Give your taste buds a strong feeling of woody aroma that is so intense and strong along with a blend of real tobacco it will give you the puffs that will be unforgettable. The HEET technology is the marvellous feat of engineering that ables us to smoke the smoke-less and ash-free cigarette that has lesser adverse side-effects than a traditional cigarette.

The No Burn Only Heat technology heats the Sienna Label Heets at a high temperature of three fifty degrees Celsius that doesn’t burn the tobacco but heats it to such an extent that it will give a strong aroma of woody sienna and real tobacco.

The Sienna Label Heets  contains 6.1g of sienna flavour and tobacco along with several filters and cellulose mouthpiece. The traditional HEET Stick comes in 10 packs and contains 200 sticks.  These HEET Sticks are incredibly safe as compared to conventional cigarettes.

We strictly advise that you should keep HEET sticks away from children.

So why are you waiting? Enjoy now by ordering the environmentally friendly HEET sticks without smoke and ash and enjoy the puffs that are healthier than cigarettes.


  • Brand: Heets, IQOS
  • Flavor: Woody
  • Count: 200 sticks
  • Pack: 10 packs
  • Net weight: 6.1g tobacco mix per stick
  • Category: Heatsticks

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