Revere the exclusive highly intense and aromatic cocoa flavour of the latest Heets Bronze Label that will make you feel unique smoker. These HEET sticks are a blend of tobacco with a unique mixture of coca that’s highly intense and aromatic. Enjoy these HEETs with all IQOS devices ranging from IQOS 3 Multi to IQOS 2.4 Plus and much more.

The HEET sticks are exclusively designed for the IQOS devices which produces a highly aromatic and intense flavour upon being heated by the IQOS device at a high temperature of 350 Degrees Celsius that goes deep inside the lungs and is purely the flavour and tobacco vape.

One of the most significant pros of the IQOS devices is that they don’t produce smoke, ash or any other pollutant that means that they only make a pure vape that contains the tobacco and a flavour of your choice.

Without any pollutant, the IQOS devices are contributing towards the betterment of the environment, and the best thing is that the IQOS vape is much safer than a conventional cigarette that emits smoke which is not safer for the smoker, environment and other people in the surrounding.

So why waste time? Enjoy now the best vape without any smoke, ash and are a lot safer than the traditional cigarettes. The Heets Bronze Label is for those who want to quit smoking. There are 2.4 million people in the world who have already switched to IQOS. Now it is your turn to quit smoking and live a smokeless and ash-free life.

The HEET sticks come in the packaging of 10 packs, and there are a total of 20 poles of HEET sticks to satiate your craving for a smoke. Order now to enjoy an exclusive discount.

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