Enjoy the unforgettable and fantastic taste of the Yugen HEETS, a sweet and intense flavor of Fresh floral that goes deep inside the lungs and cherishes you the core. The freshness and aroma of floral and the density of the flavor is fantastic. The Yugen HEETs stick gives smokers a taste that will last long after the HEET sessions.

The Yugen HEET stick contains 5mg of the floral flavor along with the tobacco and includes several filters that filter out the pollutants.

The HEET sticks are special sticks that work with the IQOS devices, and these sticks are heated at 350 degrees Celsius to produce a sweet vape of mixed flavors.

The IQOS devices have special “NO BURN; HEAT ONLY” technology that heats and doesn’t burn the tobacco.

The Creations Yugen HEETS come in the packaging of 10 packs, and collectively there are 200 poles of HEET Sticks. Enjoy the HEET flavors that are more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional cigarettes.

Enjoy the smokefree life just like the two and a half million people who have already quit smoking since their switch to the IQOS devices.

The Yugen HEET sticks are compatible with all IQOS devices ranging from the IQOS 3 Multi to IQOS 2.4 Plus and IQOS DUO. So why are you waiting? Buy now to get an exclusive discount on the fantastic Creations Yugen HEETS.

Note: Keep this product out of reach of children as it is addictive and hazardous for the health of children.


  • Brand: Heets, IQOS
  • Aroma note: Fresh floral
  • Count: 200 sticks
  • Pack: 10 packs
  • Net weight: 6.1g tobacco mix per stick
  • Category: Heatskicks

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    Thanks again for your excellent work!

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