You will adore the exclusive Heets Gold Label that is a different treat for the regular and chain smokers. These HEET sticks are a blend of freshness note with a velvety and woody flavor a combination of multiple flavors with a mild freshness note, so you don’t feel anything bad after the session, your mouth remains fresh.

The HEET Sticks are special cigarette sticks designed exclusively for the IQOS devices.  These Sticks are given heat at a high temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, which produces a taste of flavor with the blend of real tobacco that goes deep inside the lungs of the consumer making him/her feel the essence of real cigarettes without smoke and ash.

Enjoy the smokeless and ash-free experience of the IQOS device that reignites the true smoker spirit inside you without harmful and toxic elements present in the conventional cigarettes. IQOS is for those people who want to start a new life without smoking and live a smokeless life without harming the environment and people you love by making them secondary smokers.

The IQOS devices incorporate a special and unique technology that aims to provide a “Heat not Burn” formula to its consumers so that they can enjoy a genuine smoking experience without even exhaling the smoke and dropping the ash because it doesn’t burn the tobacco.

The HEET Sticks that are used with IQOS devices come in different flavors. The Heets Gold Label Exclusive is the companies new flavor that is exclusive, which means it is a blend of more than one flavor and high notes or sometimes mild notes of freshness or tobacco, leaving a long-lasting experience.

The exclusive HEET Sticks comes in the packaging of ten packs, and there are a total of 200 HEET Sticks. Each HEET Stick lasts 14 puffs or 5 to 6 minutes, just like a traditional cigarette.

Don’t think and order now for the IQOS device and these HEET sticks, which are compatible with all IQOS devices.

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