Revere your smoking experiences with the new brand new IQOS HEET technology that is safe and healthy. The IQOS device is the marvel of the latest engineering technologies that ables you to smoke the smokeless & ash-free cigarettes with multiple flavors and options available. The IQOS is environmentally friendly and is a lot safer than conventional cigarettes.

The Sticks are specifically for IQOS devices and are called HEET Sticks, which comes in different flavors and labels. Each flavor has a different intensity and aroma so that you can enjoy diverse tastes and cherish yourself with the IQOS devices.

The HEET sticks are heated with the latest IQOS technology follows the “Heat Not Burn” formula. The HEET sticks are filled with tobacco, and the flavor usually the flavors are in the quantity of 5mg. IQOS Devices heats the HEET sticks at 350 degrees Celsius, which produces the real tobacco flavor with the blend of the label.

The Heets Green Zing is a citrus-flavored HEET Stick that fills your lungs with the taste of citrus and gives you a refreshing breath along with the tobacco flavor. The mild intensity and high aroma make it a perfect choice that a smoker wants.

The Heets Green Zing packaging contains ten packets which contain 200 HEET Sticks. Make your life a little more healthy this year by switching to IQOS devices and breath a new life with the refreshing flavors and smoke-less ash-free vapes that are healthy for you, your environment, and people. Just like the other two and a half million people who have already switched to IQOS and are living a smoke-free life since then.

Don’t think and order now for the IQOS device and these HEET sticks, which are compatible with all IQOS devices.


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Heets Green Zing Heets For IQOS Green Zing

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