Get the taste of fresh herbs in your mouth even long after the sessions by getting the premium Glaze HEETS. The Creations Glaze HEETS is a flavor that mixes the herb’s freshness with the tobacco and gives a fantastic bland that is unforgettable. You will have an everlasting experience that offers an intense taste, aroma, and fresh flavor, leaving a significant mark behind.

The IQOS brand aims to bring people towards life by helping them quit smoking and adopting a safer and healthier alternative than conventional cigarettes. Smoking is responsible for terrible side-effects and is harmful not only to our surroundings but our environment as well. The chain smokers have cancer and other side effects, ultimately leading to the death

The IQOS devices incorporate a special and unique technology that doesn’t burn the tobacco but heats it instead, giving an exceptional vapor that is a blend of the flavor (of your choice) and the tobacco. Each flavor has some distinct qualities such as aroma, taste, density, saturation, and much more. The heat; no burn formula is what makes the IQOS devices stand out from the traditional cigarettes.

The HEET sticks are special cigarettes that have many filters and 5mg of the flavor and tobacco that makes it something safe and healthy than conventional cigarettes. These HEET Sticks are heated at a high temperature of 350 degrees Celsius and give an impressive vapor that the consumers enjoy.

The Glaze HEET sticks are free from pollutants, ash, and smoke. Thus, contributing towards a safer and healthier environment which is suitable for the smokers and the people around you. The Creations Glaze HEETS sticks are on exclusive discount, so order now and avail an exclusive discount.

  • Brand: Heets, IQOS
  • Aroma note: Fragrant herbs
  • Count: 200 sticks
  • Pack: 10 packs
  • Net weight: 6.1g tobacco mix per stick
  • Category: Heatsticks


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Creations Glaze HEETS Creations Glaze HEETS

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