Quit smoking the traditional cigarettes that are not only hazardous to your health but for others and the environment as well. Adopt now the latest IQOS Solutions for smoke and ash free vapes that will cherish and reignite the dedicated smoker in you.

It is an estimate that roundabout two and half million people in the world use the IQOS devices and have successfully left smoking since their switch to IQOS.

Traditional cigarettes do long-lasting damage to your lungs, and if you are a chain smoker, the chances are that it might have damaged your lungs a lot. Many precious lives are lost to lung cancer, and IQOS wanted to change this. Not only the precious lives, but it is harmful to the environment and other non-smokers too.

Reignite the real smoker soul inside you with the new flavor called “Heets Purple Wave” with a strong aroma, mild intensity, and the taste of dark berry. This sweet flavor will fill your lungs with the sweetness of dark berries and will make you feel say, “wow!.”

The HEET sticks are the real tobacco sticks with the difference that they are not burned but heated only with the latest IQOS technology that follows the “NO BURN & HEAT ONLY” formula. With this formula, the HEETS are heated at a high temperature of 350 degrees Celsius and produces a strongly influenced dark berry flavor with tobacco.

Each HEET stick lasts 14 puffs or only 6 minutes like a traditional cigarette. But it is not as harmful and toxic as the conventional cigarette as it contains many filters. Enjoy this right blend of dark berry and the real tobacco and cherish your self.

Don’t think and order now for the IQOS device and these HEETS, which are compatible with all IQOS devices.

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  1. B***e (verified owner)

    I got it guys!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome I really appreciate the service.. This is truly what I expect from you… This is the standard of service …keep what you got.

  2. Eugenia (verified owner)

    Thanks for being awesome!

  3. J****a (verified owner)

    just received my order thanks.

  4. A***a (verified owner)

    Just letting you know I received my package today, thanks so much. and the handwritten note was a great touch of customer service. I will definitely recommend your store to others and will use again when needed.

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