Enjoy the new blend of the high note of warm fruit, freshness that will fill your lungs with an aroma that will last only for some time and taste unforgettable. The Highly-intense flavour, saturation and density of the Apricity HEETS makes them stand out from other HEET flavours. The perfect blend of Apricity and Tobacco makes it a memorable session and fills your mouth with a refreshing taste and breath.

The Creations Apricity HEETS comes in the packaging of 10 packs and has up to 200 HEET Stick poles. Each HEET Stick contains 5mg flavour, tobacco and filters that filter the pollutants and chemicals which makes our HEET Sticks a lot safer and healthier than the conventional cigarette.

One of the other reasons that our HEET Sticks are safe is due to the IQOS devices. The IQOS devices have a special and unique technology that heats the HEET Sticks at a high temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, which doesn’t burn the content but heats it to such an extent that it produces a vapour that is a blend of the flavour (of your choice) and tobacco. This vapour doesn’t make or emit any ash or smoke and is less harmful to our surrounding, our environment and our health.

The IQOS aims to create a smokeless and ash-free world by following “Heat Only; No Burn” formula. Majority of chain smokers have cancer such as Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer and other cancerous diseases. With a smokefree alternative to conventional cigarettes, it can reduce the ratio of cancer in smokers.

Since the launch of IQOS devices, more than 2.5 million people have switched to IQOS and are living smoke-free life since then.

So why wait? Order now for the Creations Apricity HEETS to receive an exclusive discount offer.

 Note: Keep IQOS devices and HEET Sticks away from children’s reach.

  • BrandHeets, IQOS
  • Aroma note: Warm fruits
  • Count: 200 sticks
  • Pack: 10 packs
  • Net weight: 6.1g tobacco mix per stick
  • Category: Heatsticks

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