Are you looking to quit smoking but cannot find a way to stop it? Well, congratulations on taking the first step, and that is thinking about quitting smoking. We all know that smoking has adverse effects on our health, and it indirectly affects the environment as well.

There was a need for something that could reduce these side-effects and help smokers to quit smoking, but how? Therefore, IQOS has launched a marvellous feat of engineering with which you can take puffs of nicotine flavoured tobacco and without burning or producing any smoke or ash from it.

This new technology heats a special HEET Stick (heating stick), which contains tobacco and filters with a cellulose mouthpiece at approximately three hundred and fifty degrees Celsius, which gives nicotine flavoured tobacco vape.

The IQOS 2.4 Plus Black comes with a HEET stick, Battery, and an LED screen so that you can see the status of the device. It also features a vibrating sensor that tells it’s consumer about the end level of a HEET Strick.

The IQOS connect, which is an android application is able to sync with this IQOS 2.4 Plus Black Device. The device has a built-in Bluetooth module that aids the customer in managing the status of the device, registering directly to the website, and much more.

If we see the design of IQOS 2.4 Plus black, it is visible that it is designed to withstand the falls and is shock-resistant, and it has bright LED lights too. It has a HEET holder in which you can place your HEET and start taking puffs.

It is a great device that can aid you in leaving smoking and start a smoke-free life. We don’t say that it is completely healthy, but it is safer than a cigarette and will help you to quit smoking.


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    Perfectly. I recommend. Quick delivery. Great quality. Thanks

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    To Canada came in under two weeks. I Recommend!

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    Order came quickly.

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    Ordered 22.06 – came 12.07

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    Good item!

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