The IQOS is a fantastic and incredible device that focuses on creating a smokefree and ash-free world for all smokers. The device features an outstanding HEET technology that doesn’t burn the content but heats it instead. The temperature to heat the HEET sticks is 350 degrees Celsius. There are many different kinds of IQOS devices according to the personalities and feasibility.

The HEET sticks are just cigarette sticks but with more filters, flavour and tobacco. The HEET sticks contain roundabout 5mg of flavour and tobacco sticks. The multiple filters filter out the harmful pollutants and make sure that you get the real tobacco vape. The HEET Sticks are less dangerous and more environmentally friendly than a traditional cigarette. The HEET sticks are held on to an IQOS HEET holder where they are heated.

The HEET lasts only six minutes just like a conventional cigarette, or we can say fourteen puffs. Different IQOS devices have different session timing, like IQOS DUO needs to be charged after two consecutive HEET Sessions.

Sometimes, the dirty material may get stuck inside the HEET Holder of IQOS devices and its very stubborn to clean. Therefore, IQOS devices come with cleaning sticks. The IQOS cleaning sticks are environmentally friendly and are made with paper but are durable enough that you will efficiently clean all the dirt or stubborn material in HEET Holder.

The IQOS cleaning sticks can be purchased from at a discounted price. There are 30 cleaning sticks in one pack so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning. The cleaning sticks are already moist, and cleaning won’t be a problematic task.

So, don’t waste your precious time any further and order now the IQOS device to get free cleaning accessory and charging accessory with your IQOS device.

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  1. Jesse (verified owner)

    Good service but not so speedy shipping!!

  2. R***l (verified owner)

    Thank you ! Very good cleaning sticks for IQOS

  3. Melissa (verified owner)

    Good seller. Fast shipping. Item as described.

  4. V***a (verified owner)

    Sent for a long time, went even longer, tracked, came after the extension of the period. I’m glad that still came…

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