The IQOS is just like a cigarette, although it is an environmentally friendly device without smoke and ash. It provides flavored HEETS and provides a comfortable environment for smokers. It is a specially designed, electronically designed technology that does not burn the tobacco.

The device is comprised of a unique heat system called HEETS technology in which tobacco is not burned practically. HEETS is also known as heat sticks; it contains a heated tobacco unit and is projected independently used with the IQOS holder.

IQOS device is a specially designed unit that heats the tobacco approximately 350 degrees centigrade, without flaming, flare, smoke, or remains. If we compare it to cigarettes, IQOS is less harmful and safer than cigarettes. In markets, different IQOS devices are available according to the suitability of its users.

IQOS is available in different forms; it is divided generally into three parts. Firstly, IQOS holder, secondly, a heated tobacco unit, normally Heatsticks or HEETS, and a car charger. HEETS are tobacco filled sticks just like cigarettes but technically designed sticks with filter, contains flavor, and tobacco.

The maximum harmful content that presents in tobacco is filtered. These heat sticks are put in IQOS HEET Holder, which heat the stick approximately at 350 degrees centigrade and provides a complete satisfactory flavored vape to its smoker.

It provides fourteen delicious puffs, which six or seven continue six or seven minutes without any burning. The full charge IQOS provides ten continuous sessions to its users; after this, you may charge the device again.

At home, it is easy to charge the device, but at an outdoor place or in traveling, it is difficult to assess the device for continuous use; for this purpose, a fast car charger is provided with IQOS device with a fast USB cable. This car charger rapidly charges the device and ready for the next consecutive HEETS sessions without any disturbance. Thus provides complete satisfaction to the smoker.

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  1. Christopher (verified owner)

    Thank you again, and definitely I have you guys in my top list for future needs.

  2. A****n (verified owner)

    Cool, comfortable and very practical. Simple to use. Recommend.

  3. Brooke (verified owner)

    You all are great. Best Heets shop I’ve ever been. Thanks a lot girls and boys!

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