The IQOS is a tremendous and wonderful device that aims to create a smokeless and ash-free world for smokers. The device has been integrated with a powerful HEET technology that doesn’t burn the content, but it only heats the stick at an approximate temperature of 350 degrees Celsius. There are different kind of IQOS devices that suits various needs and personalities.

Just Like IQOS devices, the HEET Sticks are the tobacco cigarette sticks (not ordinary) but specialized cigarette sticks that contain flavour, tobacco and filters that filter out the harmful pollutants from the cigarette. These HEET Sticks are placed on IQOS HEET holder that heats the HEET Sticks at a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius and makes it to produce a vape that’s a mixture of flavour and tobacco.

Each HEET Session lasts fourteen puffs or 6 to 7 minutes. Depending on the device, the IQOS 3 Multi, for instance, gives ten consecutive sessions on a full charge after ten sessions you will have to charge the device.

The charging is the most crucial aspect, and without a good charger, it’s very much possible you’ll run out of battery soon after recharge. Therefore, IQOS built their fast charger and luckily it’s available in the market so that you can get another charger if something unfortunate happens with your original charger.

The IQOS power adapter is a fast-charger that comes with a type-A USB cable so to ensure that your device gets charged at a faster speed and lasts longer so that you can enjoy longer consecutive HEET sessions.

Note: Keep IQOS devices and accessories away from children’s reach.

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