What is the selling point of a cigarette? Why is it so famous all around the world? It is because of all the flavors it can put on the board. There are so many different types of cigarettes that it is hard to taste them all.

Many people struggle to pick a cigarette to consistently smoke or maybe you just want to try new flavors. Whatever it may be, a sample carton is what you need. Without any doubt, it can be a smoker’s dream come true. You get to try 10 different cigarettes to enjoy the new flavors with our Sample Box. You get 10 cigarette boxes all in one carton. What you will get:


  • 10 different boxes of cigarettes.
  • 20 cigarettes in each box.
  • All high-quality cigarettes.
  • Quantity: 200 pcs.
  • You can get cigarettes from hundreds of different brands.

If you want to try some new flavor or maybe you just want a change in life our Sample Carton will give you explosive flavors in your mouth. It is a smoker’s dream come true.


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