In the year 1899, Pall Mall was introduced as the first premium cigarette in the world. This cigarette has a rich history of more than 100 years. The Pall Mall cigarettes are non- menthol cigarettes and have many different types of flavors. But the red one stands for the strong tobacco cigarettes. Being the traditional cigarette, authentic tobacco has been used to make the Pall Mall KS red.

If you want to take a strong dose of nicotine at a reasonable price then the Pall Mall KS Red is the best choice. Pall Mall KS Red is a cheap traditional cigarette in price. Each packet has 20 cigarettes and 200 cigarettes in one carton.

  • The strong Pall Mall KS Red cigarettes.
  • Traditional cigarettes in cheap price.
  • 4 mg nicotine and 80mm in length.

Currently, we have a sale in Pall Mall KS Red cigarettes. So, do not miss the chance to grab the powerpack taste of pure tobacco.


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PallMall KS Red PallMall KS Red

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