Millions of people in the world smoke Pall Mall as their first choice cigarette every day. Since its inception in 1899, it has grown to be a popular cigarette manufacturer with great success.

Pall Mall SS White is one of its beautiful creations. The aroma of each puff you take in will please you internally. The quality filters provided with the cigarette make the experience just that much better. It is one of the less known but highly appreciated products of the company. Whoever tries this is surely to be in love. It being cheap is also another banger to love it. About this package:


  • Each box has 20 pcs.
  • Each carton has 10 boxes.
  • Quantity: 200 pcs.

Pall Mall SS White is a way to experience the original taste in a much more subtle way. Every puff of it breathes life into the consumer as he is relieved from the tensions he has.


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PallMall SS White Cigarettes PallMall SS White

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