The Pall Mall cigarette is the oldest premium traditional cigarette. The Pall Mall Nano King is belonged form the Blue series. So you can understand that the flavor of blue is menthol. But the Pall Mall Nano King Blue is a classic strong cigarette. It’s super slim and king-size in length. Made with the highest quality filter and tobacco. The Pall Mall King Nano Blue has 7 mg tar content and 0.7 mg nicotine content on it.

It can be a classic strong cigarette but the smell is truly soft and light. The flavor lasts for a while in our mouths. Pall Mall cigarettes provide cheap traditional cigarettes and the king nano blue is one of them. We sell 10 packs in one carton. 20 filter cigarettes are in each pack.

  • Premium quality traditional cigarettes.
  • Reached the top sale in the UK.
  • The tastes and smell both are great.
  • Available in our stoke now.

As a smoker, not trying these traditional cigarettes will be a great loss. so try to have a new experience of menthol flavor in modern nano size.

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  1. Tony28 (verified owner)

    Wonderful Site!

  2. Kim Braun (verified owner)

    Great service. Fast shipping and very good product.

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PallMall King Nano Blue PallMall King Nano Blue

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