Are you addicted to cigarettes and want nicotine-reduced consumption while smoking? Then, the Camel Blue cigarette is the right choice for you. Camel Blue cigarettes are manufactured from a fine tobacco blend of Burley, Virginia, and Orient. Combined with Camel’s distinctive blend of Turkish and domestic tobaccos, the wide gauge of a Camel Blue cigarette makes for the smoothest, most flavorful experience. In 2019, the Camel Blue “hard pack” reverse side reads: “Camel blends Turkish & Domestic tobaccos to create its signature flavor”.


  • Origin: American brand
  • Owned and manufactured by: J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (in the U.S.)

Japan Tobacco (outside the U.S.)

  • Tar level: 8mg/cig
  • Nicotine: 0.7mg/cig
  • Quantity in the pack: 20 cigarettes
  • Each carton contains: 10 packs

Camel blue will fulfill all your expectations with a great flavor and it will give you the best experience as a smoker. To feel this experience hurry up and order yours now!!

3 reviews for Camel Blue

  1. Iouri (verified owner)

    Delivery is good! 5 STARS!!!

  2. Danny Smith (verified owner)

    5 stars all the way! 😊

  3. Gary Ellis (verified owner)

    great guys and reliable service

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