Haven’t you heard the name of Marlboro? It’s one of the leading brands in the tobacco industry. The Marlboro brand came into existence in 1847 in London by the Philip Morris company. From a simple tobacco shop, it has now gone on to become one of the richest brands.

Marlboro released a unique cigarette that blew up the market. Marlboro Double Mix has two different flavors in one cigarette. The capsule contains different flavors. To get menthol flavor press on the blue button, to get berry test press on the violet one or crack both the capsules to get a mixed flavor.


  • Two capsules: menthol and berry.
  • Compact “queen” size
  • Tar content: 5 mg
  • Nicotine content: 0.4 mg
  • Sales unit is 1 carton
  • 1 carton has 10 packs

Buy Marlboro Double Mix to get hold of one of the most unique cigarettes you’d ever taste. Order now!!

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    Top quality, best offers, great customer service ..

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    Great product and service

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    Good services, however the delivery could be better.

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